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command-line tool written in C for KeePass2 Database files (kdbx)

Screenshot of the ncurses GUI



Arch Linux package

Please note: Starting from June 8th 2015, the Arch User Repository is being migrated to a Git-based platform. Due to that, kdbx-viewer must be obtained from https://aur4.archlinux.org at the moment. This will end at August 8th 2015 when the migration is complete. More information can be found in the Arch wiki.

There is an Arch Linux AUR package: kdbx-viewer. You can install it by either

Build from source
  1. To install, either clone the git repository or download the most recent ZIP snapshot.
  2. Get the required libraries via your OS's package manager: ncurses, gcrypt, zlib, expat, libstfl.
  3. Run make. After that, ./kdbxviewer -h gives the usage notes:


$ ./kdbxviewer -h
KDBX Viewer 0.0.1
dumps KeePass2 Database files in various formats

  ./kdbxviewer [-v] [-x|-t|-b|-i] [-p PASSPHRASE] [-s|-S SEARCH] FILENAME
   -x       XML dump
   -t       Tree
   -c       CSV format
   -i       interactive

            decrypt file using PASSPHRASE
            WARNING: never use this on shared computers as the
            passphrase will be visible in the process list.
   -s STR   show entries with title containing STR
   -S STR   show entries containing STR in any field value

Note - This tool is called kdbx-viewer for a reason... it works completely read-only at the moment, although write support might be added later on.